Nick Gangemi
 My 7 year old sons have been learning French for 18 months and are progressing well.Anna has a personal and caring approach to teaching French. Anna challenges them to learn, and then supports and guides them through the challenges.  
David McHarg
 I have been learning French with Ana for over a year now. She provides a good combination of conversational French and more structured learning exercises so that I am making good progress at an intermediate level. 
Gavin & Heather Stewart
 We have completed a ten week course in basic French with Anna prior to our house swap in Le Reunion. As we will be living there for a month we badly needed to brush up on French for everyday use.Anna has been patient and thorough, catering for our different levels of proficiency in French.The course gave us a good understanding of basic French grammar and has given us the confidence to put it into practice. 
Ben Gangemi
 Chère Madame Anna, Merci pour nos trois ans magnifiques de connaisance et d’amusement. Vous nous avez vraiment aidé quand nous allons au College – Ben GangemiDear Mrs Anna, Thank you for the three magnificient years of fun and knowledge. You have really helped us when we go to High School! 
Monika Horvat
 I am very happy to recommend to you Anna of French Tutor Sydney. I have known Anna for over a year and during this time she has instructed me in French. French tuitions from Anna, covered all areas of the language including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciations and various activities were undertaken in order to gain proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing French. I found Anna to be very thorough, patient, flexible and attentive to my learning requirements. My French lessons were an absolute pleasure and through Anna’s method of teaching, I gained a well-rounded and solid foundation of the French language. Please note that this is my opinion and is given without recourse. Yours sincerely, 
Gabrielle Tardeck
 This is to state that Ms Anna has taught my daughter Dominique French for the last 8 months.She has been teaching her regularly. My daughter has made considerable improvement in her studies.Ms Anna is hard working and a good teacher. I gladly recommend her to anybody looking for a well-qualified French teacher.  
Cherry and Werner
 My husband and I took a course of 10 lessons with Anna before our trip to France. We greatly enjoyed the lessons and Anna was a very patient, flexible and well organised teacher. Although “beginners” in the language, we gained a sound understanding of the basics of both spoken and written French and would recommend Anna for lessons at all levels. 
Kevin Conolly
 Ana has been teaching me French for over a year and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn French. She has a quality that I like in a teacher; attention to detail. Whether it’s a lesson I’ve typed up or a verbal lesson, she will correct the small mistakes in grammar and pronunciation. This gives me confidence when I use my French because she does not accept poor pronunciation from me. My French speaking friends might say “I understand what you mean” but Ana will work with me to help me pronounce it correctly. Ana is flexible and will work with whatever source and lesson plan you wish. I encourage you to consider her preferred method as it is well organised and has logical progression, building on previous lessons. I prefer learning how to build sentences in a language instead of just remembering phrases without knowing how they’re created. I was able to use my French during a business trip to France after 8 months of studying with Ana. I am still studying because I want to get better, and the lessons are enjoyable and interesting. If you put in the effort you will see results studying with Ana.  
Roger Hausler
 I undertook a 10 lesson program with Anna with a view to improving my understanding of the French language. With Anna’s patience and guidance, I believe my ability to correctly pronounce the language, and therefore my listening skills, have improved greatly. I look forward to further education in the not too distant future.Merci beaucoup Anna! 
Anny Chu
 Ana is a very good French tutor. She’s great with students especially in High School like myself. She is very understanding and has a great sense of humour which makes her lessons fun. The way she explains everything makes it easy to follow. Ana helps with school work, homework, pre-tests and assignments. I joined her tuitions in Year 7 and it has helped me to gain confidence and given me a strong head start. 
Adam Ganjemi
 Merci Madame Anna, J’ai eu trois ans de connaisance et j’ai une chanson pour vous. “Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi, Dimanche, je vous adore!!” – Thank you Mrs Anna, I have had three years of lessons and I have a song for you. “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I adore you!!” 
Robyn Parkin
 I wish to recommend Anna and thank her for her wonderful work with my son, learning French in year seven and eight. She has a wonderful manner with Jonathon and he really enjoyed his lessons with her. She gave him confidence and skills and helped him catch up with his class when he joined half way through the year with astounding speed and ease. He has learnt so much and really felt supported and at home with Anna. We have also really appreciated Anna’s flexibility with lessons with life’s unavoidable clashes of commitment and illness and we also found doing lessons with her by Skype easy and incredibly beneficial. I could not recommend Anna highly enough for tutoring your children in a warm, encouraging, confidence instilling yet highly professional and skilled manner. 
Monique Buckman
 I love Paris and wanted to learn French so my visits there would be even more fulfilling. I tried the group courses which give you some basics but it didn’t really work for me. I started individual lessons with Anna this year and it has been challenging but also very rewarding. I am learning the language now not just a few words and Anna has been patient enough to let me learn at my own pace whilst keeping a solid schedule of progression. I am increasingly more confident and felt at ease using what I had learned so far in my last holiday a few months ago. I am determined to speak and understand the French language and I know with Anna’s help and support I will achieve what I set out to do. I would recommend Anna to anyone wishing to do the same. 
Sree Sakthi
 My son has been learning French with Ana for the last 4 months. Ana is very accommodative and he feels comfortable. He likes to learn foreign language so I thought of encouraging him to do so. I feel the one on one attention is very useful and her experience in the language speaks for itself. I look forward for my son to learn more and enjoy French in the coming years. 
Dilip Vaswani
 This is to certify that Anna has been tutoring me in French from January 1997 till September 1997.During this period, I found her French tuition to be very educative, systematic and enjoyable. She lays great emphasis on proper pronunciation which is why I gladly recommend her to anybody looking for professional training in French.” 
Joanne Greenberg
 My sons have been learning French with Anna for many months now and are enjoying themselves. They look forward to their lesson every Sunday. Anna explains the grammar in simple terms which children and adults alike can understand and follow. She provides them with exercises which reinforces the basics of the French language and helps them to remember the vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation. This makes learning French easy and fun for my kids.I gladly recommend Anna to any parent looking for a good French teacher who gives undivided attention to the students’ requirements and see them improve day after day. 
Rachel Parsons
 I reached out to Ana with 3 and a half weeks before my university exams for my second semester of French. I was struggling greatly due to the swift pace of classes at Uni and Ana’s tutoring allowed me to improve. Within that time Ana squeezed me in for 10 lessons and I was able to improve immensely from where I began. I quickly learned that while studying I hadn’t quite grasped some key concepts. I was able to learn foundational grammar that I had never understood quite correctly. My lessons were tailored to what I needed for my exams. Ana’s teaching style has meant that I have been able not only to improve my knowledge of French, but also my vocabulary, speaking, comprehension and writing skills. Following my exams I have chosen to continue with my lessons due to the benefits I’ve seen. I would highly recommend Ana, particularly if you are feeling unsure of your French.  
 My daughter has been learning French with Ana for some months now, and has found Ana to be extremely competent, patient and encouraging. Ana is focused on seeing the children learn, improve and excel in the French language. The environment is warm, friendly, caring and flexible when need be. My daughter has enjoyed and thrived under Ana’s guidance and I highly recommend her to anyone requiring assistance with any aspect of the French language.